Akai Gurley shooting: Jury finds police officer guilty of manslaughter

from CNN – February 11, 2016

Officer Peter Liang, who shot and killed an unarmed man in a New York housing project stairwell in 2014, was found guilty of manslaughter and official misconduct on Thursday.

As the verdict was read, Liang dropped his head — his hands around the back of his neck — as one of his attorneys comforted him.
The rookie cop was fired after the highly unusual conviction of a police officer for the shooting death of a civilian.
The prosecutor has accused the rookie officer of recklessly shooting into a dark stairwell “for no reason.”
“Then, instead of doing all that he could to help Akai Gurley, he wasted precious time arguing with his partner about calling for help,” Assistant District Attorney Marc Fliedner told jurors last month. “In fact, instead of calling for help, he just stood there and whined and moaned about how he would get fired.”