How to prosecute Donald Trump or another alleged groper: A former sex-crimes prosecutor points the way

from the New York Daily News – October 20, 2016

Donald Trump makes a graphically stated admission to Billy Bush that he has grabbed the intimate parts of women because “you can do anything” when you’re a star. Anderson Cooper asks Trump if the statement is true and he denies it.

Then numerous women, 10 at last count, come forward to publicly state that Trump did in fact have some form of sexual contact with them without their consent.

Trump denies any of it ever happened; he says the women are fame-seeking fabricators he has never even met.

Among the many questions raised by this ugly chain of events: Whether local prosecutors can criminally prosecute an accused perpetrator like Trump for committing acts like those that these women have alleged.

As a former Brooklyn and New Jersey prosecutor who, over 15 years in sex crimes, tried everyone from date rapists to serial child molesters, my answer is a firm yes.

While the precise language varies from state to state, it is consistently true that when someone touches another person’s intimate parts without consent for his own sexual gratification, it’s a crime. Period.

Read the article by Marc Fliedner on the Daily News website.

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