Currently there are people in our communities, often the most vulnerable people, who seriously need to question whether they should call the police when they are in trouble. These are victims of hate crimes, human trafficking, and other crimes who are afraid that if the NYPD shows up, they might be deported or otherwise harm their immigration status. We cannot allow the most vulnerable people in our communities to worry about what happens if they are a victim. That’s why Marc developed Project Safe HERE in order to ensure the safety of those nervous to go to the police.

  • Anyone will be able to contact Marc’s office 24/7 through the Project Safe HERE hotline in order to report a crime. There will be no public police response to their residence, and no NYPD paperwork to fill out.
  • Only hand selected and specially trained investigators, counselors, and ADAs will handle these reports. The team will be versed in the cultural and legal concerns faced by those who fear deportation and separation from their loved ones.
  • The team will collect only the personal information absolutely necessary to investigate and prosecute the crimes committed.
  • If other agencies seek access to personal information in order compromise the status, safety, or well-being of any individual, the DA’s office will fight doggedly in court to prevent the release of this information.

It is absolutely vital that the first priorities of the District Attorney are safety and justice. This means ensuring that victims of crimes do not have to suffer in silence no matter what their immigration status is. That is Project Safe HERE.